Maple Gymnastics and Trampoline Club


Maple Gymnastics is a popular gymnastics and trampoline club characterised by progressive fun-filled classes with enthusiastic and experienced coaches.


Everyone welcome from toddling to teenage years with classes to suit all abilities from participation to competition.


Taking PRIDE in our commitment to meet the needs of each individual at every level of participation.





Roll, turn upside-down, balance, travel, jump, explore and learn new gymnastics skills on our gymnastics air-track, vaults, bar and beams.


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Bounce, land, turn and have fun in the air learning exciting tricks and routines on our trampolines.



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Gymnastics is...


An ideal foundation sport that comprehensively introduces fundamental movement skills empowering all to participate competently in a variety of physical activities and sports. Learning basic gymnastics enables participants to feel how their body works and to become responsible for diverse movement patterns. Gymnastics trains the pathways of communication between brain and body and in its simplest form ensures that all physical action is carried out in a controlled and safe manner. Gymnastics is also good fun and self-rewarding.

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