Mini Bouncers and Mini Gym for girls and boys aged 18mths-3yrs

A physical delight for young children exploring balance, rolling, inverting and travelling through gymnastics and trampoline activities.


Mini Bouncers and Mini Gym is designed for children aged 18 months - 3 years accompanied by an adult. Attentive to patterns of physical development children are encouraged to learn and develop basic skills introduced through movement patterns involving large and hand apparatus. Classes are partly structured ensuring a disciplined environment however implemented freedom options allow children choice and opportunities to develop social skills.


Teaching children to have fun learning in and through trampolining and gymnastics:

  • Travel and roll with control on tumble mats
  • Run, jump and land on, off and over vaults
  • Balance and creatively move along beams and benches
  • Hang and turn upside-down on the single bar
  • Bounce with control on a trampoline


Award programme - Trampoline Skills Award

Reward programme - Physical Literacy Challenge


CONTACT Lindsay:

Call Lindsay on  07801 731022


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