25th Annual Club Competition - 7.12.13

9th Dec 1989 - Wellow Village Hall


The first Maple Gymnastics competition took place on Saturday 9th December 1989 in Wellow Village Hall. Since 1993 the annual competition has taken place in Landford Village Hall where the end-of-competition photo in front of the Christmas tree, as first shown here in 1989, has become tradition.




Every year parents, friends and family applaud and welcome our young performers as they walk into the hall.


Club competition morning induces a hive of activity and a buzz felt by children, parents and all involved with parents saying that it signifies the start of Christmas. Children love to perform in a friendly environment where it is not unusual to see judges assist children to ensure that every child has a positive experience. Year-on-year I have a lump in my throat and a smile within as I introduce our gymnasts knowing that nerves at this point will transform to joy as the morning progresses. 25 years on though and introductions were a little emotional, I was thankful to my young assistant who took to the floor to help and permitted me time to quietly reflect on 25 years of priviledged memories


And as always, gymnasts completed an excellent display of gymnastics performing a series of tumbles, a body preperation routine, a dance sequence and vaulting skills.










The morning is completed by our older and experienced gymnasts performing more complex tumbles as our younger members watch and applaud. Pictured is our 25th annual club tumble champion seen half-way through a front somersault.

Every year my mother brings homemade mince pies, however this year our parents provided a magnificant array of homemade cup cakes which raised £131 towards new trampolines which we purchased in January 2014 - thank you. 


Coaches, judges and helpers are family, friends and ex-gymnasts who every year take pleasure in being part of the children's enthusiasm and excitement.



This years medals were adorned by silver and blue ribbon celebrating 25 years replacing our traditional blue and white club colours. In the early days our club colour was red and white and my grandmother would hand-sew the ribbon onto the medals.


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