Gymnastics for girls and boys aged 4-7yrs



Learning, developing and acquiring basic gymnastics skills, increaasing body awareness and body management promoting informed movement patterns.


Gymnastics classes are designed for children aged 4 - 7 yrs. Gymnastics-specific skills on the tumble mats, vaults, single bar, beams and benches are taught encouraging children to become responsible and knowledgeable with body movement patterns.




Having fun learning in and through gymnastics:

  • Roll and turn upside-down with control on tumble mats
  • Run, jump and land on, off and over vaults
  • Balance and creatively move along beams and benches
  • Swing and turn on the single bar
  • Bounce with control on a trampet (trampoline)



Award programme - Gymnastics Skills Award and Trampoline Skills Award

Reward programme - Physical Literacy Challenge


Competition: Annual Club Competition

CONTACT Lindsay:

Call Lindsay on  07801 731022


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