Trampolining at Maple Gymnastics



In 2014 Maple Gymnastics extended its classes to include trampolining a natural partner with gymnastics. The club has three competition trampolines and our classes also include a trampette station and a variety of hand apparatus to maximise children's activity and compliment our no-waiting policy in our classes.


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  • Mini Bouncers / Mini Gym 
  • Small Bouncers 4-7yrs
  • Midi Bouncers 6-9yrs
  • Young Bouncers 10yrs-teenagers


Two trampolines / 3-4 bouncers per trampoline


Trampoline classes focus on progression of skills forming simple and complex routines which are recognised and rewarded through continual assessment.

  • Inter-club competitions
  • Annual club competition (December)
  • Our unique Trampoline Skills Award 

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