Physical Literacy Challenge

Facilitating physical life skills:


Fundamental movement skills are foundational movements and precursor patterns to more specialised and complex skills used in play, games and specific-sports. Physical literacy describes the ability to instruct the body to perform an action accurately and with confidence, recognising the physical, social, cognitive and emotional attributes to do so effectively.

Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics, 2011



In the formative years (Explore and Have Fun - 18mths-3yrs, Play and Have Fun - 3-5yrs) the focus is developing balance and coordination, movement patterns and object control skills, progressing towards selecting skills in games (Fun and Games - 5-7yrs). In the latter years (Fun and Physical Activity -7-9yrs, Fun and Fitness - 9-11yrs) tasks progress in difficulty and there is an emphasis on improving fitness levels. The programme, containing over 200 diverse, challenging and fun activities and tasks promotes improving individual performances, working with a partner and problem solving in small groups.


Developing fundamental skills and movement patterns, improving fitness, encouarging social interaction and raising self-confidence.



Cost: £3.00 per pack + £1.00 per certifcate (4 per pack) = £7.00 over 2 years



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