Covid-19 Guidelines


Help keep Maple Gymnastics a safe and secure activity for all



Covid-19 Symptoms and Tests:

  1. Please do not attend Maple Gymnastics if your child or anyone in your household shows signs of Covid-19 symptoms. Symptoms include a new, continuous cough, high temperature or loss of sense of smell or taste. You are advised to follow the Covid-19 Guidance for Households with Possible Coronavirus Infection Guidance.
  2. If your child or anyone in your household develop Covid-19 symptoms within 7 days of attending a class please contact Lindsay on 07801 731022 immediately.
  3. If your child develops Covid-19 symptoms they are asked to take a PCR test. Anyone else in the household is also asked to self-isolate until a negative PCR result is received.
  4. If a young person or member of Maple Gymnastics staff test positive for Covid-19 they will be asked to self-isolate for 10 days. 


New guidelines for members to observe to keep everyone safe:

  1. Parents and adults are not permitted entry to Romsey Primary school, except for the Mini Gym and Trampoline class.
  2. Please observe the one-way system when dropping off and picking up children from Maple Gymnastics – entrance and exit will be in different places.
  3. Please maintain 2 metres social distancing when dropping off and picking up children from Maple Gymnastics.


Preparation guidelines for attending classes:

  1. Please ensure that children arrive ready and changed for gymnastics before arrival.
  2. Please ensure that long hair is tied back. Children will be unable to go on trampolines or large apparatus if long hair is not tied back. 
  3. Please ensure that children have attended the toilet before coming to classes.
  4. Please encourage children to use hand sanitiser provided on entering gymnastics classes at Romsey Primary school.


Maple Gymnastics has done the following to that ensure all children and staff attending classes remain safe:

  1. Introduced a one-way system for drop off and collection of children.
  2. Reduced the number of children per class in line with government and British Gymnastics guidelines.
  3. Provided hand sanitiser for use within classes.
  4. Coaches to remain socially distanced from children, unless this compromises their safety.
  5. Allow only one child at-a-time to leave the hall to use the toilet to avoid congestion in the corridor.
  6. Provided additional space in main hall to enable children to place socks / shoes / coats etc to avoid congestion in a confined space such as the corridor.
  7. When and where possible open doors and windows to keep main hall well ventilated.


CONTACT Lindsay:

Call Lindsay on  07801 731022


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